«Jugaban con serpientes», de Francisco Solano, y «Obra muerta», de José Luis de Juan, seleccionadas por el panel de #NewSpanishBooksUS

Jugaban con serpientes, de Francisco Solano, y Obra muerta, de José Luis de Juan, han sido seleccionadas por un panel de especialistas para ser recomendadas a los editores de Estados Unidos. Una magnífica noticia que destaca la extraordinaria calidad de estas obras.

Enhorabuena a los autores. #NewSpanishBooksUS

Aquí los informes de lectura (en inglés) de ambos libros:


Cita:«In a scant number pages, Francisco Solano has constructed a contemporary, smart, occasionally amusing, but ultimately sobering analysis of an adulterous relationship – and so much more. […] It’s the chronicle of an existential journey through the labyrinth of 21st century human interactions: the simultaneous, but dichotomous fear of and desire for intimacy and emotional commitment, of being in control or being controlled; […] Jugaban con serpientes should definitely be made accessible to the English language reading audience. Maybe there is a film or play in its future as well?»


Cita: «A crucial ambiguity is at the center of this engaging, at times lyrical, at times philosophical, novella: “obra muerta” means at the same time, literally, “dead work” and, technically in the maritime lexicon, “freeboard”: the part of a ship that can be seen above the waterline. The Spanish writer José Luis de Juan (born in Majorca in 1956) develops this metaphor into a reflection on death and art through a succession of deaths around the protagonist and narrator. This novella blends brevity (around 100 pages) and complexity with a light writing that hooks the reader and does not let go.»